Organizing committee Imeha 2012

Prof. dr. Eric Vanhaute, Ghent University, Belgium (president)

Dr. Torsten Feys, Ghent University, Belgium (secretary)

Prof. dr. Christophe Verbruggen, Ghent University, Belgium

Prof. dr. Michael Limberger, Ghent University, Belgium

Prof. dr. Maarten Van Ginderachter, Antwerp University, Belgium

Dr. Hendrik Defoort, Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Stephan Vanfraechem, Ghent University / Alfaport Antwerpen, Belgium

Bart Cosyns, Ghent University, Belgium (administrative secretary)

Prof. dr. Lewis Fischer, Memorial University, St. John’s, Canada

Prof. dr. Jesus Valdaliso, University of the Basque country, Spain

Prof. dr. Stig Tenold, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Norway

Prof. dr. Sarah Palmer, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Prof. dr. Gelina Harlaftis, Ioinian University, Greece

Prof. dr. Amelia Polonia, University of Porto, Portugal

Prof. dr. Berit Eide Johnsen, University of Agder, Norway

Prof. dr. Karel Davids, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands

Research Group CCC Communities, Comparisons, Connections,

site Conference on International Maritime History